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For a year now, he couldn't say it to her. Everytime he thought he could, his words would get lost from his mouth to her ears. How silly it was to be afraid of rejection when he knew that they shared an unbreakable bond. So why was it? Why, that for a year, he could say nothing to her. Chrono's crimson eyes looked at the scenery out the car window. Could he say it today? No, probably not. This was absolutely frustrating. Every once in a while he would glance over at the pretty blonde sitting next to him. I want to tell her...I have to tell her...The purple haired devil thought to himself with a look of worry on his face.

"Chrono what's wrong?" Rosette glanced over at her companion breaking the boy from his thoughts. Chrono just looked at her with a small smile.
"Nothing is wrong, I'm just feeling a little under the wheather I guess." He rubbed the back of his head then placed his hand in his lap. This was going to be harder then he thought. They arrived back at the order later that day. Chrono stepped out of the car and stretched getting out any kinks in his bones. Rosette went up to Sister Kate's office to give another good report...or one that would've have atleast passed as good, if Rosette hadn't gone and blown something up again. Chrono could hear Sister Kate yelling from all the way outside. He sweatdropped and sighed. Rosette came outside five minutes later looking slightly drained. She sat down by Chrono and looked up at the sky.
"It's a really nice day out, isn't it?" She looked over at him.
"Yeah, it is..." Chrono looked into her sky blue eyes and for a moment found himself leaning closer to her. He wanted to stop himself, but his mind and body wouldn't let him. Rosette blinked a couple times starting to blush.
"Ch-Chrono, what are you doing...?"
"Rosette I...." He stopped moving closer. Now was the time to say it!
"You...?" The young nun tilted her head cutely.
"I love...." He gulped real quick, getting his thoughts back on track. "I love you."
Both of them stayed silent for a moment. The only sound was that of the birds singing off in the distance. Rosette's already growing pink complextion had gotten pinker. She looked as if she didn't know how to respond. Chrono felt an uneasiness growing, what if she did reject him?! It would be terrible, however....
"I love you too." The words came out of her mouth easily, much more easily then Chrono. Both of them now were blushing. Chrono gathered up his courage once more and leaned forward catching her in a kiss. Rosette put her arms around him. After a moment or so he pulled from the kiss and smiled widely, as did Rosette, then the two broke out into laughter. Rosette stood up and smiled.
"Come on Chrono, let's go get some lunch." She grinned.
"Okay." The devil smiled and followed her. Today...was shaping up to be a very good day indeed.
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On January 20th, 2006 02:09 am (UTC), bizzi_izzy commented:
aww i loved it i was so mad they didnt tell eachother that in the anime i still have yet to read the manga
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