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Hello, and welcome to chrno_drabbles. Since 100gospels seems to be dead, I decided to try to liven things up with another Chrno Crusade Drabble community. This community will be different though, as every week there will be a new theme that you may do, a.k.a, a challenge. This is optional though, you can simply post a random drabble on the community as long as it has to do with Chrno Crusade.

The Rules
1.) As stated up above, keep the drabble Chrno Crusade themed. Your drabble may be mixed with other animes though.
2.) There is no word limit. Go crazy, the longer the better. You'd be surprised. However, if your drabble is over 100 words, please use a lj-cut. How to make a lj-cut. This is also a must for PG-13 and above ratings.
3.) Giving people hints on how to approve is a go, bashing is not.
4.) There will be a new theme every Thursday. After a theme has finished, you may not post the challenge up anymore unless it's in the entry of the previous contest entry. Ex: a 'time' themed entry would go into the 'time' theme post made by the mod.
5.) Make a new post for a new drabble if it's for the current theme or just a random drabble.

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